Lili Reinhart's new 'boyfriend' Jack Martin parodied Cole Sprouse's viral interview

14 April 2023, 19:21

Cole Sprouse to lift lid on split from Lili Reinhart on Riverdale in Call Her Daddy podcast promo

"If you close your eyes and just listen to it, it IS Cole Sprouse."

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Lili Reinhart's rumoured new beau has gone viral on social media after fans discovered he recently parodied her ex Cole Sprouse's Call Her Daddy interview.

A few days ago (April 11), Lili was pictured kissing actor and TikTok star Jack Martin. In pictures shared by Page Six, Lili and Jack shared an adorable quick kiss at LAX airport before heading their separate ways.

After learning who Jack is and finding out about his Cole parody, fans are now losing it over the clip and have taken to social media to express how "funny" they find the whole situation.

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Back in March, shortly after Cole's interview on Call Her Daddy, Jack appeared on PlanBri Uncut with Brianna Chickenfry and Grace O'Malley as the 'third Sprouse brother'.

Dressed like Cole in an unbuttoned white shirt and jeans, with one cigarette tucked behind his ear and an increasing number of other cigarettes appearing randomly in his mouth as the camera cuts back and forth, Jack played out an exaggerated take on the Riverdale star's indoor smoking and interview answers.

"If you close your eyes and just listen to it, it IS cole sprouse," one user wrote. Another called the parody a "masterpiece".

The clip went viral with over 280,000 likes and two million views, and now people are rediscovering it following the news that Jack and Lili appear to be dating.

"She had a once in a life time opportunity to do the funniest thing possible and she did," one user wrote about Lili and Jack's apparent new relationship. The PlanBri Uncut podcast also responded to the viral tweet, writing: "The goal of our podcast is to bring unlikely people together, we did it."

Following the viral tweets about Cole's smoking on the podcast, the actor himself found the funny side and shared a handful of memes on his own Instagram with the caption: "Big week, big recap."

Dylan Sprouse even joined in on the jokes, adding: "Just waiting to drop all the ones I made in MS paint."

On the flip side, however, Cole also caught a bit of criticism for his comments about his break-up with Lili, as fans called him out for sharing details while Lili has remained private.

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