JoJo Siwa called out for collabing with Shane Dawson in new video

13 June 2023, 13:03

JoJo Siwa reacts to pregnancy rumours

By Katie Louise Smith

"Did no one on her PR team tell her this is a bad idea?"

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JoJo Siwa is facing criticism online after collaborating with Shane Dawson in a new YouTube video.

Any Youtube user who spent a millisecond of time on the internet back in 2020 will know just how drastically Shane Dawson fell from being one of the most popular creators to one of the most problematic. After being cancelled for various offensive videos and comments, including blackface and jokes about sexualising children, Shane issued an apology and left the internet.

Needless to say, a lot of creators and celebrities have since (understandably) distanced themselves from Shane, but after 15 months, he returned to creating videos with huge audiences continuing to watch his content.

Over the weekend (Jun 11), Shane posted a new YouTube video rating YouTuber brands and products. At the end of that video, JoJo visits Shane’s house to give him and his family merch from her new Pride collection.

People on social media are now calling out JoJo for appearing in Shane's video in light of his past actions.

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JoJo Siwa faces backlash over new Shane Dawson collab video
JoJo Siwa faces backlash over new Shane Dawson collab video. Picture: @jojosiwa via TikTok, @shanedawson via Instagram

In the video, JoJo greets Shane by saying: "I feel like this is what it’s like coming home after college... I’m home." The two then catch up about life, and JoJo opens up about the drama surrounding her love life.

After JoJo leaves, Shane reveals he’s lost touch with a lot of YouTubers, and that he’s previously been afraid to ask other creators to be on his podcast or YouTube channel because of his cancellation. He goes on to say that JoJo coming over to film has ‘changed his life’, and that he won’t be so afraid to ask other creators to make content with him going forward.

Given that JoJo’s audience is very young, some are now questioning her judgement for appearing in videos with Shane.

While some are happy to see the two reunited and collaborating again, the majority of the criticism about JoJo joining forces with Shane appears to reference his disgusting actions from an old video, in which he sexualised a then 11-year-old Willow Smith. (After the video resurfaced, both Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jaden Smith publicly slammed Shane on social media.)

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On top of the Shane collab, people have also taken issue with JoJo's recent collaboration with James Charles. After allegations surfaced in 2021, James issued an apology for messaging underage boys on social media.

"Jojo filming with james charles and shane dawson within the span of a weekend is…questionable to say the least [sic]," one user wrote.

JoJo has not yet responded to any of the criticism surrounding her recent collaborations with Shane or James just yet.

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